This type of accreditation is exclusively for active professionals in the audiovisual sphere (filmmakers, distributors, producers, film school teachers, representatives of film festivals or film institutions etc).


Film Professional Accreditation entitles its holder to:

  • attend public festival screenings and events
  • participate in events for professionals
  • participate in press conferences

The award of the FILM PROFESSIONAL festival accreditation requires pre-registration via the registration form below. For the internal use of the festival only, the applicant shall provide basic information about his/her background and profession in the audiovisual field. After a positive evaluation of the data, the applicant will then receive an official invitation from the festival’s MyCinepass system, which will also include the specified payment of the accreditation price. Accreditation can only be paid online through the official festival payment gateway. We will inform you of the acceptance of your pre-registration within 5 working days of its submission. You will only receive a follow-up invitation once the festival has started the official invitation process.

The accreditation is valid for 8 days, is non-transferable and tied to a specific person. It allows the holder access to an unlimited number of public screenings of the festival and selected accompanying events, of which will inform in the programme. You can have a maximum of 7 bookings on this pass at any one time, but once the booked screening has started, a space will open up for you to make another booking, so you can add your bookings from time to time. A booking is cancelled 5 minutes before the start of the screening. We recommend reading the Ten Commandments of a Festival Spectator to avoid misunderstandings when entering a cinema hall.

The Film Professional accreditation is granted automatically and free of charge to SFTA members, employees of the Slovak Film Institute and the Audiovisual Fund. It is also not necessary for these applicants to prove their professional status by completing the  “Short professional CV of the applicant “ section of the form.


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    By filling in and submitting the registration/accreditation form at, the applicant voluntarily consents to the processing of their personal data in the information system of ART FILM FEST s.r.o., Kukučínova 81/2, 040 01 Košice, company ID: 48 284 254. Read more: Ochrana_OU24_prihlaska_Akreditacia_Film_Profesional_EN.pdf

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    Each online application will be responded to via email within two working days of its submission. Thank you for your patience.