Hlavná 99/49, Košice

Welcome to Contessa, a place where cuisine from all over the world meets the aroma of freshly roasted coffee. Let yourself be carried away by a space that breathes history and discover the unique combination of tastes, smells, and history that awaits you.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.

Kaviareň Slávia

Hlavná 63, Košice

Café Slavia is a festival café and restaurant right in the heart of Kosice. A place that will charm you not only with its location and Art Nouveau style interior, but also with a rich selection of homemade desserts and an exceptional culinary experience in the restaurant, which has been awarded the prestigious Golden Fork Award under the leadership of chef Juraj Hruška. Boutique Hotel of Slávia will provide you with superior accommodation with a view of the Košice National Theatre. Welcome to the Slávia Café, where history full of stories comes to life once again and where you can create new ones.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.

El Nacional

Kováčska 2, Košice

A piece of authentic Cuba in the very center of Kosice. Hot rhythms, temperament, Mojitos, Daiquiris, music, and unrestrained fun. A Cuban bar where you can have fun, eat well or indulge in genuine Cuban rums and cigars.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.

BENZE Košice

Františkánska 1, Košice

Discover the multifunctional space where you can enjoy breakfast, coffee, brunch, prosecco, wine, cognac, or rum. Surrender to the harmony of unique design and a cozy atmosphere that will soothe your soul. We offer a rich breakfast menu, delicious coffee and selected wines, which you can enjoy in a stylish cellar. We look forward to your visit to the BENZE Café!
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests

OhniskO Fire Dining & Brew Bar

Gorkého 9, Košice

Ohnisko is a unique project that combines a craft bar with a fire kitchen. In addition to the stylish interior, it offers a cozy summer garden. The bar has a great selection of cocktails, natural wines, craft beers and gins. The kitchen is dominated by the Basque grill Josper, with excellent steaks from the USA. Lovers of fresh oysters and traditional BBQ will also find their match. The atmosphere is completed by DJs playing from vinyl records and an exhibition by Dávid Mariássy during the Art Film.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests

Pub u Kohúta

Hrnčiarska 23, Košice

Pub u Kohúta – a traditional Košice restaurant, operating for over 30 years. “Kohút” is known for its honest Central European cuisine. In addition to quality wines, it also offers Pilsner beer on tap. A pleasant seating area is occasionally complemented by high-quality music production. In connection with the most beautiful summer garden in the city, right next to the old city walls, “Kohút” breathes a specific atmosphere that you will immediately fall in love with.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.

Bistro BLANC

Biela 7, Košice

Bistro BLANC is a small family bistro with a unique atmosphere and a personal approach. We cook with fresh ingredients and change the menu daily in consultation with the chef and our suppliers, with an emphasis on local and seasonal offerings. Together with the chef, our guests can create their meal according to their wishes. We offer fresh fish, beef tenderloin, pork tenderloin, chicken breasts, pasta, risottos and salads. Visit us at the corner of Biela and Kováčska streets in Košice and enjoy a unique gastronomic experience.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.

Tahiti Košice

Aupark Košice, Námestie osloboditeľov 1, Košice

Experience Tahiti – a new concept in the Andiamo Group restaurant chain. Enjoy combinations of flavors and aromas from around the world and a wide range of dishes made from fresh ingredients.
15% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.
Phone.: +421 917 167 315

Tabačka Kulturfabrik

Gorkého 2, Košice

Tabačka Kulturfabrik is a unique independent cultural center and open space for art, creativity, and collaboration in Košice. The premises of the former tobacco factory on Gorkého Street now offer 2500 m2 dedicated to contemporary art, concerts, theater, club films, informal education, collaboration, and also a quality restaurant with a bar and café.
A 10% discount on the special festival menu is available for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.

Maiko Sushi

Hlavná 1, Košice

Maiko Sushi is a sushi bar and restaurant in the center of Košice with a unique design that offers the best fresh sushi prepared by an excellent and skilled master chef, allowing you to experience the authentic taste of Japanese cuisine. Your food will be prepared by a team of experts in Asian cuisine who have acquired their knowledge and skills from leading sushi masters trained directly in Japan.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests

Café de Paris

Hlavná 69, Košice

A genuine French pastry shop, where soft and crunchy macarons, coffee with rich foam and fluffy, fresh cakes will please your palate. All these sweet temptations are prepared by French confectioner Jean-Charles Vanbeselaere every day according to traditional French recipes. At Café de Paris, the unique atmosphere will bring you a piece of his native Paris: charming surroundings, French chansons and quality service. We offer: amazing macarons, sorbets, ice creams, summer drinks and French desserts.
For Cinepass holders, a free espresso/espresso lungo when buying a dessert or sorbet.

Casablanca Cafe

Biela 260/1, Košice

Casablanca Cafe is a stylish cafe in the center of Košice, which includes quality coffee, mixed drinks and proper fun. During the warm summer days, we will be happy to see you on our summer terrace, where from time to time we also have a small but pleasant party with a DJ.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests

Kaviareň Veritas

Dominikánske námestie 8, Košice

A unique café in DKC Veritas on Dominikanske square will enchant you with freshly roasted coffee from the Doraz roastery in Kosice and delicious snacks. Our guests love the professional baristas, the friendly staff and the authentic atmosphere, which keeps them coming back.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests

Pivovar Hostinec

Hlavná 65, Košice

The brewery has been attracting its guests from the very beginning with several interesting features. It is built in Levocsky dom, which represents one of the essential symbols of Kosice. It is an attractive, beautiful Gothic house – the oldest in Kosice.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests
Phone: +421 902 580 580

Camelot restaurant & café

Kováčska 19, Košice

The quality of our PLZNICKA ON TAP is first class. We tap the beer with love and experience from real Czech pubs. All meals are prepared from fresh and seasonal ingredients and their menu is changed every day.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests
Phone: +421 903 580 580

Jazz Club Café Restaurant

Kováčska 39, Košice

Three establishments under one roof: a stylish cafe, a restaurant with a pizzeria and a modern disco club. A business with a 30-year history in the heart of entertainment in Kosice.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests

Andiamo pizza

Aupark Košice, Námestie osloboditeľov 1, Košice

Andiamo Pizza is a stylish restaurant in SC Aupark Košice. We place the greatest emphasis on the selection of fresh ingredients and professional staff. All this at Andiamo Pizza creates a pleasant atmosphere that you too can experience!
15% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests.
Phone: +421 917 167 315

Tokyo Ramen

Orlia 10, Košice

Tokyo Ramen offers you the chance to experience Tokyo for yourself. The legendary Ramen soup has found its way to Košice. A non-traditional interior with a traditional taste of Japan. Enjoy lunch or dinner in our new Bistro on Orlia Street.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests
Phone: +421 908 459 542

Kaviareň Papa

Kasárne Kulturpark, Košice

The Kulturpark complex is lined with green trees and a freshly mowed lawn: this photogenic view showcases the creative spaces of Košice from behind the glass walls of the PAPA cafe or from its summer terrace. The omnipresent caffeine and daylight, together with the smiling service, will keep you seated for hours.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests


Letisko Košice, Košice

Are you looking for a place to relax before your flight or after your arrival? Visit our café and bistro, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here you can enjoy delicious coffee, refreshing drinks and tasty meals in a pleasant atmosphere. Whether you want a quick snack, a hearty breakfast, or just a moment of peace with a delicious drink, our bistro is here for you.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests


Letisko Košice, Košice

You can find AirWine at departure gate D, where our trained staff will be waiting for you. They will be happy to offer you a selection of high-quality Slovak wines, delicious Italian coffee, premium alcohol and draft beer. In addition, you can enjoy fresh savory and sweet pastries and much more. AirWine is always open during departure times to make your wait more pleasant and to provide a perfect start to your trip.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests

karczma MLYN

Hlavná 86, Košice

Enjoy the unique Goral atmosphere at our restaurant. We offer renowned roasted ribs, juicy pork knuckle, homemade dumplings, pierogi, and duck breast, all made from ingredients sourced directly from local organic farms. Pair your meal with our traditional Goral drink, Nalewka, available only here! And for those who appreciate a bohemian lifestyle, we also serve Krušovice Bohem beer on tap.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests

Záhradné kino – chill zóna

Hlavná 80 / Mäsiarska 37, Košice

Experience the Garden Cinema during the day! This unique spot in the heart of Košice is perfect for chilling with a refreshing drink in a laid-back atmosphere. Come relax and have fun before your next movie. We’re open from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Find the entrance to the Garden Cinema in the passage between Hlavná 80 and Mäsiarska 37.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guest

Red Velvet Cake Bar

Hlavná 74, Košice

Red Velvet Cake Bar is a place where the taste of high-quality coffee and exceptional desserts meets traditional and unique drinks. We serve coffee from the Slovak brand Kaffa. In the evening, we offer signature mixed drinks, traditional cocktails, fine wine, and prosecco.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests


Dominikánske námestie 9, 040 01 Košice

In the historic center of Košice, you will find the widest selection of Valdobbiadene prosecco, Spanish Cava, French Crémant, and Champagne. Enjoy Italian antipasti – prosciutto, salami, cheeses, olives, and luxurious olive oil. Come and enjoy great wines in an exceptional atmosphere. Treat your taste buds to the very best!
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests

Bar a kaviareň Kina Úsmev

Kasárenské námestie 1, Košice

The café at Kino Úsmev is the perfect spot for culture and relaxation enthusiasts. In addition to the cinema, there is a bar and café where you can enjoy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, craft lemonades, and quality coffee. The summer terrace exudes such a magical atmosphere that you won’t even notice you’re in the city center.
10% discount for Cinepass holders and accredited guests

Kubbo Select

OC Galeria Shopping Toryská 5, Košice

Come and taste wines from the Kaschauer series at Ostrožovič Winery – including Kaschauer Yellow Muscat, Kaschauer Furmint, Kaschauer Pinot Noir Rosé, and Kaschauer Lovely Frizzante. Kubbo Select is a family-owned company that has been guiding its customers through the world of gourmet since 2009. Quality, taste, and narrative are paramount when curating our selection
.J&J Ostrožovič Winery is nestled in the enchanting heart of the Tokaj Wine Region. For nearly thirty years, it has specialized in crafting the highest quality Tokaj wines, aged in volcanic cellars. The 58 hectares of vineyards provide ideal conditions for growing grape varieties. In addition to prestigious Tokaj selections, it also produces light wines suitable for every occasion.
The tasting event will take place from June 21 to June 27, 2024, from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, FREE for Cinepass holders!

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