We kindly ask each visitor to acquaint themselves with and abide by the following festival rules. Doing so will make everyone’s IFF Art Film experience all the more enjoyable. Thank you.

  1. Entry to a screening venue is granted to visitors with a valid cinepass, accreditation credential or single-entry ticket. Admission usually begins 15 minutes before show time. Priority entry is granted to holders of single-entry tickets for the given screening and cinepass holders/accredited guests with a reservation for the given screening. If there are still available seats five minutes before show time, the usher will admit valid cinepass holders and accredited guests without reservations.
  2. Late arrivals. If you have a reservation or a single-entry ticket but fail to arrive at the screening venue by five minutes before show time, your ticket/reservation will expire, and the festival may admit other cinepass holders or accredited guests in your place.
  3. Seating in screening venues is on a general admission basis.  The earlier you come, the wider choice of seats you will have. At certain screenings, some seats are reserved for invited guests, the film delegation, or the festival jury. Such seats are marked “reservé”; please don’t sit in them.
  4. Reservations.  Cinepass holders and accredited guests can make reservations for individual screenings in the following ways:
    • on a computer, mobile or tablet using the MyCinepass reservation system
    • by asking festival staff at a registration point
    • at one of the several self-service reservation terminals located in certain venues

    The reservation system allows a maximum of five active reservations per cinepass or accreditation. When a reserved screening begins, another reservation can be made in its place. Reservations can be made for any public festival screening at any time up to 60 minutes before show time, as long as there are still seats available. All unused reservations and tickets expire five minutes before the screening begins.
    Reservations cannot be made for free-entry screenings and events (see Rule 9).

  5. Verification of cinepass and accreditation pass validity. Cinepasses and accreditation passes are plastic cards which it is forbidden to duplicate or lend. It is also forbidden to store the codes from these cards in any mobile application.
  6. Every visitor possessing a cinepass or accreditation pass is required to clearly display their card, without being prompted, upon entering a screening venue and allow the venue staff to electronically verify it.
    • Single-entry tickets can be purchased at festival sales points during the festival for an unlimited number of screenings and at any time. Single-entry tickets can also be purchased via the MyCinepass reservation system.
    • Single-entry tickets can be purchased at any time for any number of screenings for the amount listed on the current price list.
  7. Food and beverages in screening venues. For safety, sanitary and operational reasons, alcoholic beverages, glass containers and food are forbidden from screenings.
  8. Help us improve screening quality. If technical problems arise during a screening and you feel they aren’t being addressed, please inform the cinema manager, identified by their accreditation credential or clothing bearing the Art Film Fest logo.
  9. For public accompanying events such as special screenings, press conferences, discussions and talks, reservations cannot be made, nor tickets purchased. Admission is free for the general public, but priority is given to: 1) invited guests, 2) accredited festival guests, 3) cinepass holders. These conditions may vary – see the festival bulletin for information on specific events.
  10. Loss of accreditation credential or cinepass and issuing of a new credential/cinepass is subject to the fee listed on the box office price list.