Why become an Art Film Fest partner?

Art Film Fest is one of the largest and most important film festivals in Slovakia, as proven not only by the high annual attendance, but also by the positive response from domestic and international audiences.

What can a partnership bring to your product or brand?

  • emotional connection
    By supporting Art Film Fest, you can express your affinity towards culture, deepening emotional connections to your brand by fostering positive associations with an iconic festival of national and cultural significance.
  • work with audiences
    You will meaningfully connect the festival audience with your target group (mostly Slovak, young, artistic and entertainment-loving audiences, film professionals, students, lay and professional public.)
  • business relations
    You will be able to establish new relationships with key partners of the festival and gain new contacts for your business in a pleasant and relaxed spirit of the festival.
  • strong promotion
    Utilize media coverage and its impact on the public via the festival’s multi-channel promotional activities.

Our festival has always expressed an interest in cooperating with important and successful partners who perceive participation in the international film festival not as a one-time contribution, but as a manifestation of a developing, meaningful and mutually beneficial and enriching cooperation. A high-quality film festival is an extraordinary phenomenon that can attract the attention of a large number of diverse publics.

Festival visitors

Art Film Fest is one of the most popular spectator events in Slovakia. The main target groups are film professionals, students, the lay and other professionals. The age of our audience is diverse, as is our selection of films.

  • Art Film Fest is visited by around 20,000 film fans every year.
  • Our spectators and your potential clients relax pleasantly throughout the festival week in Košice enjoying the film screenings.
  • Almost 500 special guests and important clients attend the ceremonies every year.
  • Each year of the festival, spectators can watch about 150 film screenings, which equals almost 300 hours spent in Art Film Fest cinemas.
  • Viewers can watch your ad on screens before each movie and on plasma screens in front of each cinema.
  • Festival visitors also spend many hours at accompanying events and other events organized by Art Film Fest and they often relax in partner restaurants and bars.
  • Industry programme and workshops for film industry professionals and film enthusiasts are attracting more and more people.
  • During the Art Film Fest, the media is always interested in what is happening at the festival, where they can meet important guests and film celebrities in person.
  • In the premises of the Art Film Fest, product placement and sampling of products is possible upon agreement.
  • Art Film Fest in the implementation of the project strives to contribute to sustainability and inspire others to join the attempt.

Art Film Fest offers partnerships at various levels

  • General advertising partner
  • Major advertising partner
  • Advertising partner
  • Official supplier
  • Section / film partner
  • Product partner
  • Product sampling

Art Film Fest offers its partners various forms of advertising within the chosen level of partnership.

  • television spots, sponsorship links, advertisements, radio spots
  • press releases for news agencies
  • websites: artfilmfest.sk, cinepass.sk, festival newsletter
  • film catalog, program bulletin, festival newspaper, invitations
  • billboards, large banners, backlit posters, posters
  • cinema advertising before film screenings, plasma screens in front of cinemas
  • LED panels, roller banners in front of cinemas and during accompanying events (press conferences, ceremonies)
  • Organize your own event during the Art Film Fest as one of the accompanying events
  • Invite your guests to the festival
  • product sampling and product placement
  • many other presentation options upon agreement


If you prefer a different form of support for the Art Film Fest, you can donate 2% of the taxes to the festival, showing that you care about the Slovak culture or that you are a film fan. We will be grateful to you for this.

Financial support for culture is extremely important in the Slovak environment and without it, events like ours could not exist at all.  At the same time, such cooperation is mutually beneficial. It brings financial and material resources to the beneficiaries to create and promote culture, increases supporter’s reputation and awareness of their brand or company.

If you want to support Art Film Fest with the 2% of your paid tax, we would greatly appreciate your support. Instructions for giving 2% are HERE.

Information required for giving 2%:

Name of the organization: ART FILM FEST, n.o.
Seat: Skuteckého 126/13, 974 01 Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
Company ID: 50830082
Legal form: non-profit organization

If you are interested in becoming an advertising partner of the Art Film Fest for the current year, you can write to us at: cnegaref@vssnegsvyz.pbz


Kukučínova 81/2
040 01 Košice – mestská časť Juh
Slovak Republic

Postal address and workplace:

Tomášikova 30C
821 01 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Click HERE for more contacts.

We thank everyone who has supported us in the past and look forward to new partnerships.