Art Film Fest goes back to the sandpit

This year’s Art Film Fest has a new visual motif, presenting the festival’s name written in a playground sandpit littered with toys.  

The poster’s concept and design are the result of a competition among twenty-three art-school students. Their submissions were so excellent and fascinating that deciding between them presented the organizers with a truly formidable task.

In the end, the winning concept came from Jana Macurová, currently in a fellowship at the graphic design department of Bratislava’s Academy of Fine Arts and Design.

“As a starting point in my search for the festival’s visual motif, I used a theme from one of the programme sections, namely ‘Dangerous Kids’. The name of the festival is constructed out of sand in a children’s sandpit, an allusion to the archetypal sandcastle partially destroyed by another child in an unguarded moment,“ explained the fifth-year student from Zlín University’s Multimedia Communications Department.