Question for… Martin Daniel

We primarily looked for people transitioning from academia to the professional world, and we also gave some preference to those who we could best assist in this transitional phase. Nevertheless, we didn’t require that each participant be from art school. If they brought an interesting project from the street it could just as well succeed, it’s just that those schools are also our partners, so we have to give them priority.
After the creative, artistic component is all said and done, young independent filmmakers still meet with the question of financing their projects. How will your practical master class help them in this respect?
We have invited guest lecturers who also see things from a production standpoint, and they will give the master class participants valuable advice. This will include Danny Krauzs, who often co-produces with Czechs and Slovaks, and he will explain from his own perspective what he looks for in projects, why he selects particular projects to fund generously, as well as which ones he avoids.  Thus the lessons are oriented more towards producers, for these days everything truly functions on the basis of co-production and collaboration with other people.
Will the workshop itself only be open to registered participants, or will it be publicly accessible as well?
Some parts are open to the public, such as the lectures and events with special guests, but then there are things like the master class which are held in the workshops, and those have to be private to give the selected participants a sense of security…
          Michal Liba