Late Night Show at the Art Film IFF 2024 offers thrilling film experiences

In the Art Film program we do not forget about the fans of horrors, thrillers or arousing animated films. In the course of the festival we will screen seven films in the Night Tour section that are perfect for cinema evenings with a unique atmosphere. There will be no shortage of horrifying scenes, brutality, but also music and humour.

Trailer of Blue Giant

BLUE GIANT follows the story of Dai Miyamoto, a young boy who is passionate about playing the sax. He and his friend Shunji embark on a journey to musical fame in Tokyo. They are joined by a talented pianist, rising star Jukinori, and together they form a band. Based on the award-winning manga series, the animated film explores what it means to be dedicated to your dream and how hard one must work to become a true master in his/her field. Director Yuzuru Tachikawa‘s film features dynamic musical scenes that capture the energy and emotion of live jazz music.

Trailer When Evil Lurks

The main characters of the film WHEN EVIL LURKS are two brothers, Pedro and Jimmy, who discover a corpse contaminated by an unknown evil. Their efforts to dispose of the body lead to a series of haunting events that affect the entire community. The film reflects traditional Argentine folklore elements and myths that add to the story’s authenticity. Director Demián Rugna uses the contrast between the peaceful rural landscape and the brutal scenes of evil to create a sense of constant tension. The film offers a true intense and disturbing experience for horror lovers.

Trailer of Only the River Flows

The Asian noir ONLY THE RIVER FLOWS is a rainy, grainy film about a murder in the Chinese countryside. Officer Ma Zhe catches the suspect, but something tells him that the case is not concluded yet. Witnesses and suspects come and go in the wake of additional murders. Director Wei Shujun‘s film is shot on 16mm film, and in low light it takes on the gripping dirty aesthetic of a noir detective story. The film may also surprise you with the degree of black humour that is not quite typical for a Chinese film.

Trailer of Mars Express

The main character of the animated film MARS EXPRESS is Aline Ruby, a private investigator who is tasked with finding a missing scientist. Together with his partner Carlos Rivera, a cybernetic humanoid, he embarks on a dangerous journey across Mars. The quest takes them to different parts of futuristic society, from glittering cities to dark and dangerous underground areas. “Our goal is to return to audiences the cosmic and existential vertigo evoked by classics of the genre such as 2001’s Alien: A Space Odyssey or RoboCop. The science fiction we love is at the point where the genre meets with the future. It is science fiction that makes it possible to deal with the universal themes of humanity and its problems,” said the film’s director Jérémie Périn.

Trailer of The Animal Kingdom

In director Thomas Cailley’s THE ANIMAL KINGDOM, humans begin to turn into mutated creatures. François tries to protect his son Emile since his missing wife also succumbed to a mysterious new illness. As they try to track down the woman, Emil notices signs of a transformation in himself. This visually impressive Belgian-French film, using practical and CGI effects, deals with questions of the emergence of a new identity and the respect for it, already developed by the American writer Richard Matheson in his 1954 novel I Am Legend.

Trailer of Steppenwolf

The genre mix of STEPPENWOLF is a story about an almost extinct humanity that the heroes of a dystopian world must discover in themselves. In a country wracked by civil war, in the inhospitable Kazakh steppe, the story of Tamara is set as she searches for her kidnapped son. The only one who can help her is the least likely man who has long been unable to distinguish good from evil – Steppenwolf. Director Adilkhan Yerzhanov has made a dramatic film that uses elements of a road movie, western or samurai and mafia film, working with the well-known and popular scheme of revenge.

Trailer of The Thing

John Carpenter’s classic horror THE THING needs no introduction. In the Night Tour section you’ll also be able to see this cult horror film about an isolated group of scientists who face an alien threat in the form of a shape-changing creature. The tension between the characters grows and the atmosphere thickens. No one can be trusted because anyone can be attacked by an unknown parasite. Come and relive memories of a cold and terrifying Antarctica with music by Ennio Morricone and starring Kurt Russell as the main character.

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