Art Film Fest 2019 coming to Košice from 14 to 22 June. Festival presents new logo!

The Art Film Fest Košice International Film Festival has announced the dates of its 27th edition. This year, Slovakia’s biggest film event will be held from 14 to 22 June, bringing with it a new logo, replacing the former logo’s eastward-pointing triangle with a distinctive red dot.

“Our previous logo conveyed, among other things, the festival’s relocation to Košice. We are confident that, in the three years since, Art Film Fest has fully settled into its new home, and so we have decided to mark the end of this process and the beginning of a new era with a new logo.”

“The concept for the new logo developed logically out of the symbols on a playback device – play, pause, forward, stop and record. The red dot serves various roles, one of which is to symbolize how cinematic experiences and the festival’s overall atmosphere are directly embedded into the hearts and minds of audiences and fans,” says Peter Nágel, artistic director of the event. The logo, along with Art Film Fest’s entire visual identity, was designed by the Bratislava creative studio Codes Creative.

Art Film Fest is among the longest-running film events in Slovakia, annually bringing hundreds of first-rate films and numerous accompanying events to the country. Last year’s edition screened more than 200 films, from feature-length to short, organized a wide range of discussions, exhibitions and concerts, and welcomed dozens of Slovak and international stars of the film world. It was attended by over 20,000 visitors. This year’s festival, over its nine days in June, will yet again feature a selection of the most significant work contemporary cinema has to offer.

Click here for the animated festival logo and the story behind it.

Organizer: ART FILM FEST s.r.o.
Co-organizers: The City of Košice, K13 – Košice Cultural Centres, LGM Production