Slovak Film My Husband’s Women Premiered At Art Film Fest

Screenwriter Slavena Liptáková wrote the role with her in mind. “I knew that the heroine had to be Zdena Studenková; I saw her in what I wrote,” revealed Liptáková. What’s more, the number-one “candidate” for her husband was Martin Stropnický. “My very first idea was to cast Mr. Stropnický as Daniel, and then I had some other ideas, but in the end Ivan Vojnár came back to the first idea,” she added. The film My Husband’s Women, directed by Ivan Vojnár, will be premiered on 20 June 2009 at the 17th Art Film Fest in Trenčianske Teplice/Trenčín. It will arrive in Slovak cinemas on 25 June 2009. The film depicts the fate of a celebrity couple, intertwined with the lives of others. Actress Vera has her best years behind her, and her fame is fading away on the talk show host stool. Her husband Daniel manages a production agency and he is more occupied with young women than with his family. Both struggle to concentrate on their work, and their marriage has been stagnating for several years. Not even the little Macedonian girl Liana manages to resurrect it, who unexpectedly joins their family and shakes up their work cycle. Zdena Studenková is one of the best-known Slovak actresses. She studied photography at the High School of Applied Arts in Bratislava. After graduating from the acting department at Bratislava’s Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (VŠMU) in 1977, she joined the Nová Scéna (New Scene) Theatre. Since 1978 she has been a member of the Slovak National Theatre. She has performed in dozens of television productions and films. Currently, she appears on television in the serial Ordinácia v ružovej záhrade (Doctor’s Office in the Rose Garden).