Bažant Cinematograph to Begin Screening at Art Film Fest on Saturday

The Bažant Cinematograph’s film selections during Art Film Fest are adapted to the festival programme. In addition to four films from its own collection, it will also feature four festival titles. Out in the open air, audiences will have the opportunity to see three dance films, including one of the most famous musicals of all time – the ten-Oscar-winning West Side Story, Michael Jackson’s musical fantasy Moonwalker and the established cult classic Grease with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. The quartet of festival films will conclude with Maria Procházková’s tender family drama Who Is Afraid of the Wolf, whose country of origin segues into the second half of the Bažant Cinematograph’s programme at Art Film Fest. Because the mobile project is focused on the best Slovakia has to offer, the cinema bus will feature two Slovak films at Art Film Fest. Beneath the starry sky, the Cinematograph will present Miloslav Luther’s Mosquitoes’ Tango, a comedy/drama about two emigrants, and Laura Siváková’s Heaven, Hell… Earth, a melodrama about an ambitious young ballerina. The Czech films to be screened by the Bažant Cinematograph will include the Moravian summer comedy I’m All Good from Jan Hřebejk and what some are calling the Czech sleeper hit of this season from Tomáš Bařina.

After the conclusion of Art Film Fest, both buses will set out on their usual route through Slovakia’s cities and towns. The bus from Trenčín will start out in Piešťany (28 June – 1 July), and the second will begin screening in Prievidza (2 – 6 July). Audiences will see a quintet of feature-length films, which will dominate the programme for the first time in the project’s history, including Juraj Nvota’s Muzika, Miloslav Luther’s Mosquitoes’ Tango, Laura Siváková’s Heaven, Hell… Earth, Tomáš Bařina’s Grapes and Jan Hřebejk’s I’m All Good, preceded by animated shorts such as Jana Slovenská’s Bottoms Up, Michaela Čopíková’s Fat Fatal and About Socks and Love, Katarína Kerekesová’s Lovers Without Clothes, Michaela Ošťádalová’s Monster, Vanda Raýmanová’s About Two People and Ivana Šebestová‘s Four. As an added bonus, every film will be preceded by the animated music video Lady Karneval from Vladimír Král and Karol Vosátko. More information on the Bažant Cinematograph can be found at The programme will feature Miloslav Luther, Vladimír Král and Karol Vosátko. In addition to the Art Film Fest International Film Festival, both buses will be hosted at events such as Bažant Pohoda Trenčín, Vrbovské Vetry and IFF Cinematik in Piešťany.



20.6. – Mosquitoes’ Tango, dir. Miloslav Luther, SR/CzR, 2009, 97 min.

21.6. – Moonwalker, dir. Jerry Kramer, Jim Blashfield, Colin Chilvers, USA, 1988, 93 min.

22.6. – Grapes, dir. Tomáš Bařina, CzR, 2008, 90 min.

23.6. – West Side Story, dir. Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise, USA, 1961, 151 min.

24.6. – I’m All Good, dir. Jan Hřebejk, CzR, 2008, 102 min.

25.6. – Heaven, Hell… Earth, dir. Laura Siváková, SR, 2009, 80 min.

26.6. – Who Is Afraid of the Wolf, dir. Maria Procházková, CzR, 2009, 90 min.

27.6. – Grease, dir. Randal Kleiser, USA, 1978, 106 min.