Exceptional musical evening dedicated to Milan Lasica

It wouldn’t be Art Film if this year’s edition didn’t feature words or verses by its former president Milan Lasica. On Saturday, 22 June at 7:30 p.m., the Lipa Sings Lasica concert took place in the Historical Town Hall in honour of the legendary Milan Lasica, who served as the Art Film IFF President since 2005.

The former president, Milan Lasica, has made a deep impact on the shape of the festival and in the hearts of the festival audiences. He became the president in 2005, and with elegance, nonchalance and his famous humour, he took up the role in an irreplaceable way – including at the 28th edition, which took place literally just weeks before his unexpected departure. Since then, every edition of the Art Film IFF has commemorated the legacy of his exceptional personality with musical evenings in the Historical Town Hall of Košice.

Last year, the event of Milan Lasica Evening was held, at which Lasica’s songs were performed. In terms of dramaturgy and script writing, it was prepared and hosted by his long-time cooperative from Studio L+S Pavol Danišovič, who also shared memories of their common experiences in his charming and typical manner. The finale of last year’s musical evening belonged to Peter Lipa, who was applauded by the audience since his very arrival on stage. 

Also this year the stage belonged to Peter Lipa and his band. The program comprised of songs by the band with lyrics by Milan Lasica. The collaboration between Peter Lipa, a renown jazz singer, composer and musician, and legendary Milan Lasica began in the 70’s and gradually grew into two author albums. One of the most famous results of their collaboration is the album Lipa Sings Lasica, which was released in 2005. Milan Lasica’s unforgettable lyrics are characterized by their poetry, irony and deep thoughts, while Peter Lipa’s music gave the songs a unique jazz and blues touch.

However, the evening in the Historic Town Hall was not only about music, but also about funny and emotional tell-tales and stories associated with some songs. The audience learned a lot about the context of the creation of the legendary album and had a great music experience.

Specifically for this occasion, Peter invited two guests – Slovak actress Zuzana Mauréry, who worked with Milan Lasica and starred in theatre productions at Studio L+S, which Milan Lasica founded together with Július Satinský, and Slovak actor, dancer and musician Kamil Mikulčík, who also worked closely with Milan Lasica and Studio L+S. Zuzana Mauréry and Kamil Mikulčík selected songs with lyrics by Milan Lasica and surprised the festival audience by their duet.

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