Art Film Fest’s Organizers Leave For Prestigious Cannes Film Festival

The organizers of Art Film Fest, which will be held from 20 – 27 June, want to augment the festival’s program with the hottest new releases world cinema has to offer. “As of our departure for Cannes, the 17th Annual Art Film Fest’s program is just about settled.  But because Cannes is rightfully regarded by film experts as the most distinguished, most comprehensive festival of all, it is the responsibility of other festival organizers to attend,” explained Peter Nágel, Art Film Fest’s Program Director, who would gladly bring Trenčianske Teplice and Trenčín  some of the pictures that thrill expert and lay-audiences alike at Cannes.

“If it’s possible to acquire some new releases from the Cannes program at the last minute, this would surely be a great added bonus for our program,” Nágel pointed out. Art Film Fest, whose audience of Slovak film fans grows yearly, as does its international reputation, will make use of the shared Slovak/Czech pavilion at Cannes. Along with presentation materials and information, the stand will also provide a meeting space for film fans and film professionals from around the world.  “It is a place for making contacts which will be very important to the future of Art Film Fest,” added Nágel.


Organizers: ART FILM, n.o., FORZA Production House
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