24th Art Film Fest picks popcorn as visual leitmotif

“Popcorn equals cinema, but cinema is more than just popcorn!” This was the concept that won photographer and graphic designer Dávid Doroš the 24th Art Film Fest’s competition for a new visual theme and animated festival logo.

The open competition for Art Film Fest’s new visual branding was especially aimed towards young people: secondary-school and university students as well as other fans of film, the arts and first-rate entertainment.

The organizers selected the winning theme from among 16 submissions. The competition was open to experts, professionals and the general public, primarily visual artists, graphic artists, designers, advertising agencies, visual design studios, film-school students and other students.

“I was certain that the visual had to be totally minimalist and its most noticeable element should be the popcorn kernel. I wanted the visual to feature an element that would evoke the cinema in people’s minds, among other things, but also be ‘distracting’ enough to capture their attention, even in this age full of visual smog”, explains Dávid Doroš, who, as the creator of the winning theme, was awarded €3,333 by Art Film Fest.

“Once the popcorn idea was clear to me, I simply went and bought some, arranged it and photographed it. I then worked with the photographs on my computer to adapt them to my needs”, adds the artist.

Dávid Doroš (1981) is from Prešov, Slovakia. Since 2012 he has worked as a freelance photographer and graphic designer. He has studied photography at the Institute of Creative Photography at Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic since 2014.