Jeremy Irons Accepts the Actor’s Mission Award

On Saturday, 20 June in Trenčianske Teplice, world-famous British actor Jeremy Irons personally accepted the Actor’s Mission Award, fastening a bronze plaque to the Bridge of Fame with his own hands.

Next year, British actor Jeremy Irons would like to shoot a historical film tracing British history. “Acting has been fascinating me less and less recently, and I’ve always liked telling stories, whether on-stage or in front of the camera. As I get older, the film roles I am offered are becoming less and less interesting, and my instinct tells me I should continue telling stories, but perhaps from the perspective of director,” Irons explained regarding his decision to move behind the camera. If he isn’t absorbed by a role in a film or on-stage, he is quickly bored. His new film will take place on an island, but he hasn’t revealed anything about the plot yet. “I have the feeling that I shouldn’t talk about it until I finish it, and certainly not before I’ve even started it,” he added. Because making a film is much more costly than a theatre production, first he has to take the role of producer and launch into the search for financial support. For next year, he would gladly sit in the director’s chair.