ART FILM FEST International film festival in Košice

Košice, the metropolis of eastern Slovakia, is in 2016 becoming a proud host of International Film Festival ART FILM FEST. The 24the anniversary of this acclaimed film festival has been announced today at press conference by representatives of the city of Košice and festival ambassadors. ART FILM FEST 2016 will take place from 17th of June to 25th of June 2016.

There are several reasons why Košice has been chosen as venue for the festival by its organisers. One of the main reasons is the fact that the city has variable and natural cultural and social infrastructure and seven projecting centres with capacity of 20 000 people. This is optimum for creation of international film festival of such significance as Art Film Fest has.

“I am glad that the most acclaimed and most visited film festival in Slovakia is moving to Košice. I believe that organisers, visitors and even movie stars from all over the world will find here everything they need. It is an honour for us to host Art Film Fest and I am sure that we can be great host following years as well.” said Richard Raši, Mayor of the city of Košice.

The “alive” centre of ART FILM FEST will be, naturally, the historical Main Square and visitors can later move to prepared cinemas, which are going to be in Kunsthalle, Kulturpark, cinema of Historical Town Hall (former Slovan Cinema) cinema Úsmev, cinema Tabačka and Amfitheater.

“Over more than 20 years of its existence, the festival has built up the international network of contacts and has proven that it is capable of inviting and hosting significant figures of the worldˈs cinematography. We are bringing films from the most prestigious film shows and introduce remarkable film talents again.” said Peter Nágel, The Art Director of AFF.

Milan Lasica is still The President of the festival and Peter Nágel is The Art Director. Film producer Rudolf Biermann has become General Manager and with Jan Kováčik they are Producers of the festival.

The philosophy of AFF remains the same – it is spontaneous interest of the audience, high-quality films and great “alive” atmosphere of the festival. General Manager, Rudolf Biermann explains “AFF is going to be full of young people who enjoy films and wish to see on the screen also films that are not always available in cinema. Besides that, we offer various forms of art and entertainment. It is going to be a real fiesta in the center of the city lasting for 9 days.” He also announces several news comming up this year “In few days, we start a big contest for the poster design and jingles of 24th anniversary of festival, in which all Slovak creatives can engage.”

The longest organized Slovak film festival – ART FILM FEST is a tradition in the best sense of the word, which is still not so usual in Slovakia. The continuous organization of such demanding international event for more than 20 years implies not just confidence and belief in own strengths and capabilities but also courage, patience and interest. Last but not least, it is strengthening respect, seriousness and loyalty.

Art Film Fest, established in 1993, is a competitive international film festival, which is in its programming method oriented on the presentation of the latest works of world cinema, major titles from cinema history and also, it offers the selection of works produced by Slovak audiovisual environment. It is the longest continuously organized film festival in Slovakia. Based on years of tradition it is now profiled as one of the most significant and attended cultural and social events in Slovakia.