Czech actor Miroslav Donutil accepts Actor’s Mission Award

Miroslav Donutil, one of the Czech Republic’s most beloved actors, accepted the Actor’s Mission Award at Art Film Fest today. He personally placed a bronze plaque bearing his own name in Festival Park, earning a place among other illustrious winners such as Jean-Paul Belmondo, Gina Lollobrigida, Jeremy Irons and Omar Sharif.

“In acting circles it’s said that we don’t need prizes; the most important award is praise from audiences. But in my opinion awards can be a real boost, especially in our later years when motivation dwindles. For me it’s a great honour to accept your award, and I’m deeply touched,” said Donutil at today’s press conference.

Donutil has loved to show off from an early age, and despite his initial plans to become a journalist, acting became is lifelong passion. Today, he is doubtlessly one of the Czech Republic’s elite performers, having won prestigious awards like the Czech Lion.

While still a student at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, he performed at the now-legendary Goose on a String Theatre (Divadlo Husa na provázku), where he went on to portray more than 50 unforgettable roles from the 1970s on, blossoming into a unique acting personality in the process. It was there that he met fellow Actor’s Mission Award laureate Bolek Polívka, the start of a twenty-year-long collaboration. Together they made a lasting impression on audiences with 1992’s The Inheritance or Fuckoffguysgoodday. ”Bolek says he’s finished the script for a sequel – I say he hasn’t. We’ll see who’s right. If the film ever gets made, I’d love to be in it,” revealed Donutil at Art Film Fest.

In 1990 Donutil joined Prague’s National Theatre, where he performs to this day. Since the beginning of his career, he has appeared in nearly 100 television programmes and films, in unforgettable roles including the spirited communist patriarch in the legendary Cosy Dens (1998) and the pastor in the Oscar-nominated Želary (2003). Equally memorable are his portrayals of military officers in the martial comedies Tankový prapor (Tank Battalion, 1991) and Čierni baróni (The Black Barons, 1992). His performance as an emasculated assistant in the black comedy Traps (1998) earned Donutil a Czech Lion for Best Supporting Actor, and his most recent success is his starring role in the popular Novel for Men (2010), in which he plays a cynical, uncompromising lawyer.
Donutil also holds a permanent place in the public’s mind as a brilliant humourist. His one-man show, one of the touchstones of his career, has earned him a reputation as a witty storyteller and an objective, ironic observer with a warm sense of humour. “I consider myself very fortunate that my audiences range in age from five to ninety and come from every possible walk of life,” says Donutil.

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