Art Film Fest to celebrate 20th anniversary with world-class films

A diverse selection of the past year’s most remarkable cinematic creations, films never before screened in Slovakia, new releases from the Slovak and Czech Republics, even tastes of the exotic from faraway continents – all this and much, much more awaits audiences at the upcoming Art Film Fest, running from 16 to 23 June 2012 in Trenčianske Teplice and Trenčín.  Long beloved and attended by thousands of cinema fans, the international film festival celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

“We’re very pleased that the festival has attained such an auspicious age. And I’m happy to report that Art Film Fest has truly become a clearly identifiable and dependable stamp of quality. It’s no longer necessary to add superlatives such as “biggest”, “most distinguished” or “most popular”. Over the past several years the festival has reached a comfortable size, one that doesn’t require further expansion at any cost,” says Art Film Fest’s director Peter Nágel.  

As in previous years, cinemagoers can look forward to the work of talented filmmakers from around the world competing for Art Film Fest’s premiere award, the Blue Angel, in the crowd-pleasing International Competition of Feature Films. One of the section’s most highly anticipated films, Mads Matthiesen’s Teddy Bear, won the Directing Award at the US Sundance, independent cinema’s most prominent festival.

This year’s International Competition of Short Films includes a film with an Oscar nomination, a BAFTA Award and a prize from Sundance for best animated short film: Grant Orchard’s A Morning Stroll.

Our home continent, producing some of international festivals’ most sought-after films, will once again be represented by the section European Corner. Among this year’s most appealing offerings is the French comedy Le Skylab, starring and directed by Julie Delpy. Viewers may remember Delpy as the titular murderess Elizabeth Báthory in The Countess, screened at Art Film Fest 2009. Le Skylab tells the amusing story of a madcap weekend 10-year-old Albertine spends with her family, convinced that they’re soon to be struck by a space station falling from the sky. The film won the Special Prize of the Jury at the San Sebastián IFF.

Around the World will include the latest work from respected Hong Kong director Ann Hui, a member of the festival jury at Art Film Fest 2010. Her A Simple Life (Tao jie) garnered a lion’s share of awards at the Venice FF.

With Czech Joy, festivalgoers will be treated to a unique and exclusive selection of documentaries from Czech auteurs. And Late Night Show, the festival’s popular nightly closer, will yet again feature an evening of terror and bizarre sound effects that will last well into the witching hour.

Another crowd-pleasing section, Love and Anarchy, showcases the hottest trends in independent film. Focus: New British Cinema, the festival’s latest addition, highlights the latest and greatest films from the UK. Eastern Promises will dish out the past year’s most intriguing cinematic treats, fresh from the Asian film market. Finally, the icing on the cake will be provided by Pri vychádzaní z kina, honouring Art Film Fest’s 20th anniversary.

Screenings will be held in Trenčianske Teplice at the cinema tent, Prameň Cinema and the Spa Hall, and in Trenčín at Cinemax and Art Kino Metro.

Art Film Fest 2012 – the 20th International Trenčianske Teplice/Trenčín Film Festival is made possible by the financial support of the Audiovisual Fund.

Organizers: ART FILM, n.o., FORZA, a.s.  

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